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HT-Fib Soundbytes

Sample The Delights of Original HT-Fib Music

Feel free to indulge yourself with the assortment of tasty HT-Fib soundbytes below.

NB: This site may seem "snappy", but that's more to do with being hand coded. The server it runs on is on a slow uplink - 440k ADSL for the techno-curious amongst you. This means that these samples may not perform so well as "streams". We encourage you to download them to your own desktop and play them from there to avoid "stop/start" syndrome. Just right click on the name of the sample you'd like to hear and select "Save link as..." or "Save target as..." from the popup menu and save the sample. Once the download is complete, play it as often as you wish! Or just press the "Play" button to hear it online without having to download.

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HT-Fib Live and Exclusive

The following delicacies were recorded during a live performance at "Dukes".

This is "Something Else"

Below are a selection of truffles from the new album "Something Else"