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The Singer, The Looker

Ali Groves

Ali has been making up songs since she was about 6, her first was called "On The Way To The Highway". It was as a warm up act for Kloe, an Irish singer songwriter, that Ali first performed. When Julian Dorse heard Ali could sing he invited Ali to make several guest appearances at Stockland with "Chard Remains". A year later, having been spotted by a mutual friend, the fibbers heard about this amazing young singer and got in touch, looking for local talent (... of the musical variety!).

Ali's writing style and distinctive singing voice have become a hallmark of the H.T.Fib sound. And, let's face it, every band needs a pretty face up front!

Ali Groves at Sidmouth

Prince, Pretenders, Sheryl Crow, Dave Matthews Band, Hendrix, Richie Sambora

Prince "Purple Rain" and Coldplay "Parachutes"

Ani Difranco, Alanis Morrisette, Ani Lennox, Chrissie Hynde and The Waifs

Ali once played Joseph in a Nativity play, when the cast was short of male actors.