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The Soul of the Harp

Marck Pearlstone

Marck learnt to play piano at 6, guitar at 7, violin at 8 and blues harmonica at 20. He wrote his first of "many, many" in 1969 aged 11, and immediately formed a band to play it! Until forming H.T.Fib, his best band memories came from playing in "Phoebus" with friends from Wanstead High School back in 1973. Marck has plenty of live performance experience from 1971 on playing covers and original songs at bar-mitzvahs, parties, youth clubs, music clubs, recording studios and rock contests.

Although he's been playing music for many years, it wasn't until he started playing harmonica with inspiration and encouragement from Mitt Gamon that he made the shift from simply making a noise to playing with heart and soul.

Marck Pearlstone at Sidmouth

Steely Dan, Frank Zappa, Little Feat, Robert Palmer, Prince

Joe's Garage - Act I (Zappa), The Nightfly (Donald Fagan), 1980 (Gil Scott-Heron)

Jethro Tull, Chris Rainbow, Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Maidman, Mitt Gamon

Many demos and home made 4 tracks. One album credit for Harmonica on a CD for "Homer"